Notes on an American film Director at work : Martin Scorsese

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Notes on an American film Director at work : Martin Scorsese a été filmé à New-York, Brooklyn et Boston à l’occasion du tournage de The Departed (Les Infiltrés).

Jonas Mekas, le réalisateur, raconte :
« I originally met Martin Scorsese when he was still a film student at the New-York University. He used to come to my film screenings. But our real friendship began when he made his first feature film, Who’s That Knocking at My Door. My brother Adolfas, Shirley Clarke and myself, we joined Marty in a two-hour radio program to plug the opening of his film. We had great time doing it. I still have the tape of it.
I was asked to make a five to ten minute film about Marty to introduce his retrospective. As it happened, Marty was shooting The Departed at that time. I asked him if I could follow him for a week or two, and he said yes. So that’s how this film happened. Sebastian, my son, joined me with a second camera. I did a brief version, and proceeded with a longer one. Since I was very busy at that time with other projects, I asked Benn Northover, a good friend, to help me with editing it — I had some 15 hours of footage — and we all had a great time working on it because we all love Marty ! It’s a chamber kind of movie, a personal tribute to a friend. »

Jonas Mekas est un écrivain, réalisateur, né en Lituanie en 1922.
De 1944 à 45, il est interné dans un camp de travail en Allemagne nazie. Il s’exile aux États-Unis en 1949. Figure de l’underground, aussi critique et enseignant de cinéma, et a popularisé le journal filmé. Il cofonde, en 1962, The Film-Makers’ Cooperative, première coopérative au monde de diffusion du cinéma indépendant et expérimental. Il cofonde également, en 1970, avec Stan Brakhage, P. Adams Sitney et Peter Kubelka, l’Anthology Film Archives qu’il dirige encore actuellement.

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